Summer 2014

Well, it's been a while since I've updated here, but I realized that I've missed having some sort of log of my kayaking adventures.  So here we are.

This weekend felt like the first real start of the kayaking season; we've been getting in some Gore and Black Rock runs here and there, but flows are finally starting to come up in earnest.  It was PaddleFest weekend in BV, and though the weather was marginal, the Numbers were at 1950 on Saturday and 2100 on Sunday, so they were a blast in the little boats.  On Saturday Beau and I put in at Granite and then caught up with a huge group at #2, even though they put in at the same time we did.  Apparently they had some troubles at 00 (who knew that was a rapid) and had 3 swimmers there, and some other carnage along the way.  We tagged along with them through #4 and helped pick up the pieces of some other swims before continuing on after #5.  Turned into nearly 5 hours on the river.

The next day Roy and I had the opposite experience, routing the entire run after playing on some waves here and there.  The whole river is a blast at these flows, with big waves to push you around but no real scary boily spots.  We had our eyes on Clear Creek of the Ark, but it never broke 200 cfs, and it seemed silly to bounce down rocks on that river while everything else was coming into prime flows.

On Monday Kevin, Roy, and I ran Boulder Creek at pretty solid flows -- something in the mid 400s I believe.  We put in as high as we could below the gnar and had a rollercoaster ride all the way into town.  Elephant Buttress had changed some and I messed up the entry move -- though I hit my boof well, I was side-surfed into a hole below it.  Fortunately, Roy was there with the assist, though he didn't really plan on being of much help -- he shot through the rapid not far behind me and knocked me out of the hole.  The rest of the rapid was a somewhat frantic attempt to regain momentum and stay out of Roy's way, since after the assist he was right behind me the rest of the way.  Another guy who joined us, Joel, did pretty well until he was stuck in one of the holes in the playpark -- aka the windowshade factory -- and swam.

Anyway, it's a good holiday weekend if you can use all of your toys.

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