Roy and I ran Black Rock yesterday at about 1050, which turns out translates to a nearly empty parking lot.  We scouted Rigo, the narrows, and black rock on the way up and ended up running everything but Rigo.  The river is pretty rowdy at these flows, with lots of big haystack waves and busy runouts to both black rock and the narrows.

The narrows was certainly the mental crux of the run (well, if you're not running Rigo, anyway).  It went pretty smoothly, though Roy ended up a little further right than he wanted to be on the entrance to Mr. Bill.  Black Rock ran smoother than I had expected. 

The big excitement actually came at Elbow Falls, which created a pretty sizeable wave/hole/thing.  I ran through pretty cleanly on the left, but Roy took a center line and was flipped by the secondary hole and pushed into the wall, where he failed a couple of roll attempts and then swam.  Fortunately, there is a river-right eddy where he was able to collect himself and his gear. Unfortunately, I didn't get it on film.

Screaming Quarter was a lot of fun, and full of pretty sizeable holes to dodge.  Looks like things will keep getting higher with this warm weather.

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