Black Rock 2x

Made it out to black rock last Wednesday and again today, Saturday.  Flows are coming up, and should be going like gangbusters next weekend.  Wednesday was pretty uneventful, though we had a pretty huge flotilla on the water.  Today we had a swimmer just before Mr. Bill in the narrows.  He got out all right and we collected his gear.  I went too far left in rigo, trying to avoid what flipped me last weekend.  I was caught by a boil and surfed in a hole for a bit.  I ran a bit of the rapid backwards, but managed to steer things around for the bottom drop.  All's well that ends well.


Black Rock

Got out for a couple of early season runs on Black Rock at low flows, around 220 cfs.  Things were smoother than I would have expected at those flows, even in the in-between stuff.  The second time around I wasn't paying enough attention in Rigor Mortis, and got flipped by one of the entrance holes.  I took two big shots to the head, then rolled up before the bottom section of the drop.  I was happy to have the full-face, but even then the shot was big enough to split my head open by about 2".  My neck is a little sore this morning, but otherwise I'm no worse for wear. 



Made it out to Bailey last weekend with some buzzards at around 300cfs.  It was cold and cloudy, but the flows were good and everything boated pretty well.  I was fairly lazy, not really taking anything as seriously as I should, which can get dangerous.  Things went fine though, even though I had some marginal lines. 



Got out to Escalante this weekend.  We were greeted with strong medium flows on Saturday, and medium-high flows on Sunday.  We had our fair share of excitement; Roy swam at waterslide on the first day, as did Bridger.  A group in front of us all swam at waterslide; one boofed onto another, resulting in a concussion and a broken orbital bone.  I swam about 5 strokes out of the scout eddy above the inner gorge; an irregular ledge flipped me and I took a couple shots when I was setting up to roll that pulled me out of my thigh braces.  I ditched my gear and swam to shore, since I didn't have much time left before I was locked into the gorge.  My boat stayed in a recirculating eddy above the falls for a couple of hours, inaccessable from shore or from below.  I hunted downstream for my paddle, since someone had seen it hurtling through the gorge.  I hiked all the way down to the cabin, thinking that my odds of finding it weren't very good past the first 1000 yards or so, but lo and behold I found it pushed up against the outside of the bend.  It was a lot of hiking, but it was worth it.  In the meantime, another crew had pushed my boat out of the eddy, and it ran the falls on the right side by itself.  It apparently stayed in there for a while, but eventually worked its way out, and by the time I made it to the take out it was sitting on shore, intact.  I'm impressed with the Prijon plastic again; it had a couple of scrapes but no dents and no cracks.
Sunday had pretty big med-high flows; our crew walked waterslide after the group in front of us had to extract a guy from the sieve on the left.  His crumpled Nomad was up on shore.  The in between bits were a lot of fun at those levels though, and we managed to make it through without any additional drama.



Made it out to Waterton canyon for some spring training since the cold weather shut down Escalante.  Preston and I did a few laps and tried to catch as many eddies as we could.  It was more fun than I had expected, especially trying to catch as many mid-rapid eddies as possible.  Hopefully Escalante will kick back up for next weekend.