Two weeks ago I got out for my first run on the Dumont/Lawson stretch of Clear Creek.  We had good flows, somewhere around 1200 cfs in Golden.  The run was fun, small-riverbed big-water sorts of feel in most of it, with a lot of ledges with standing wave-holes at the bottom. I was a little nervous, having never done the run, but things went fine. Outer Limits had more waves than holes, and went smoothly. No carnage to report either.
On Thursday I got out on Black Rock at 1200 or so with Ian and a couple of others. Ian and I walked Black Rock, the Narrows, and Rigor, though I probably should have run Black Rock in hindsight. The run was a lot of fun, with a lot of big waves and holes. I was spun around in the run-out of the Narrows which was a little more exciting than I would have liked, but it went smoothly after that. I was a little nervous about Elbow and Screaming Quarter Mile since I run them so frequently, but both of them went well, and Screaming Quarter Mile was a blast. There is still a boat pinned in the runout, which is boof-able at these flows.
Last weekend A and I went out to the Arkansas valley with the Hartmans and some friends. On Saturday we ran the Fractions, and then Numbers, at around 2150. The Fractions were all right, with some splashy-splash waves and a few good play spots, but there was enough raft traffic that it was dangerous to hang out and play for very long. The Numbers were a lot of fun, and A was even able to get some rafting in, which made things even better. No big carnage on either run.
Sunday brought an early-morning run of Clear Creek of the Ark at about 300 cfs. Fair bit of carnage there. Preston was a bit gripped, and swam out of the first big ledge hole we came across. We fetched his gear, and he decided to hike out. Then Dan swam out of the hole in the cauldron in the first gorge. He self-rescued and carried on, only to get flipped coming into an eddy between the gorges and swimming again. He walked out as well. Big Mike and I carried on into the second gorge, where he got surfed in a hole for a while but eventually made it out, and we were able to make it to the take-out in our boats. The run was more fun that I had remembered at this level, and despite the bony in-between parts, the goods were still good. A and I decided to head home instead of running Brown's in a raft. On the way home, I broke down and bought a new dry suit. The Stholquist that I've had for the last 4 years or so has turned into a bag of water in the last year, despite regular maintenance by the Stholquist factory. I was going to try and hold off a bit longer before buying a new suit, but I was wringing cups and cups of water out of my gear over the weekend, and was generally wet and not very happy. Given the amount of time I spend in cold water, I figured it was worth the investment.