Had a really fun weekend out at Escalante last weekend.  Escalante is really the beginning of the colorado boating season.  It's a desert run out by Grand Junction in a beautiful sandstone canyon, which contains a more intimate granite (I think) canyon.  The upper canyon is full of class IV, with a couple of V- drops to keep things interesting.  Then, if you're feeling saucy, you can run the inner gorge, which contains a couple of unportageable, soft-ish Vs and Escalante Falls.  I didn't fire up the gorge last weekend, but if I go back this weekend it'll be on my list if I'm feeling good.

The camping and weather were both beautiful.  We had a couple of swims in our group the first day, but nothing too major.  I felt good on the first day, and great on the second day; on day 2 I was right where I wanted to be in all of the major rapids.  The water was medium on Saturday, and medium-high on Sunday.  Lots of plastic in the canyon, but we managed to get on the water early on Sunday, so we were even home with daylight left.  Hope to get back this coming weekend.  Photos coming soon.

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