Escalante Again

Got another weekend in at Escalante.  This time around we had a little less water, but we were still on the good side of low.  I got one lap in on Saturday, and two in on Sunday, hitting the inner gorge (minus the falls) all three times.  The inner gorge was quite a bit easier than I had expected, though I think the lower flows were somewhat responsible.  We had a couple of swims at waterslide again, which seems to be racking up some victims.

There were probably 20-30 boaters on the water over the course of the weekend. We camped with about 15 of them at a big campsite, which was a lot of fun.  It seemed like one person from each small group knew someone else in another, and so on.  Rainy weather on Saturday, but a 75 degree bluebird day on Sunday.  Aaaand I'm sunburned.

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