Black Rock, Gilman

Got some more boating in this weekend.  Saturday was Black Rock again, at getting-to-be-respectable levels, around 375.  All of the lines went pretty smoothly, including my second run of Rigo.  The canyon was really busy, probably due to the sunny day and good flows.

Sunday was a run on Gilman Gorge on strong medium levels, in the 450 neighborhood.  A few from our group ran Homestake Creek as a steep and somewhat manky start to the gorge.  Preston continued to have a rough start of the season with a broken paddle early on. With only a somewhat flimsy breakdown, he ended up walking the best rapids of the run.  The fall creek trio of drops was a lot of fun; I had a great line on the boof rapid (twice), and managed to get away with a somewhat marginal line on the biggest of the 3.  Only Ian ran Slurry Pipe, which had a beefy guardian hole and a junky run out.  Nice day all around.  The in-between stuff on the run was a lot more fun that I had remembered, and everything turned out to be a little more forgiving than it looked.

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