Gore Spring Training Continued

We got out for another weekend at Gore, adding another 100 cfs while we were at it (the past three weekends, the flows have been 380, 500, and 600, respectively).  The change was noticeable.  Everything was just a little pushier and more padded.  The weather didn't cooperate quite as much this time around, with rain/snow here and there, but a few peaks of sun evened things out a little.  Gore rapid was quite a bit pushier, and at 600 you're still committed to running the meat.  The seam I had subbed out in a couple of weeks ago was getting rowdier, but still flushed.  That's where I ended up again.  We probed most of the line options, and everything went fine; the secret turned out to be a very well-timed stroke in the first tongue of the rapid to keep you away from my seam.

The rest of the run went equally well, though I managed to get away with a couple of other marginal lines.  I went left a pyrite when I intended to go right, and I didn't get enough of a boof at tunnel and managed to flip in the aerated water below.  When I was setting up to roll, I kept expecting to feel the chaos of the curtain hitting me in the side, but it never came.  I rolled up with my bow against the big rock splitting the flow at the lip, and frantically back-paddled.  Ian joined the swim team.  Kirchbaum's was a blast, more water made it more fun, and I finally ran it without trying to pin myself midway through.

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