Early Season Gore

We got out to Gore this weekend, and didn't even crash any vehicles! Flows were pretty low, around 380, but the flat water paddle into the canyon wasn't too terrible; we were only hung up a couple of times. The drops in the canyon itself were all really creeky. It was interesting, you could see where all of the gradient comes from when things are running at regular flows. The line at Gore was over a tongue, with a nice 4-5 ft boof onto a boil line. One of our group was pushed off line and subbed out into a seam, but resurfaced fine. I hit my line well on Gore, and then quit paying attention in Scissors. I was flipped by an entry tongue, tucked up, took a hit off of the bottom, and rolled up at the bottom of the drop. I smacked my thumb on a rock, but was otherwise fine.

Tunnel remained tricky, with a few laterals and holes guarding the approach to a deep 10 ft. falls. I misjudged the distance between the last hole and the lip of the drop, so I didn't get in as good of a stroke as I was hoping for. I hit the bottom boil/hole with a little too much angle and flipped, though when I rolled up I was clear of the falls. Kirchbaum's was full of eddy moves and little drops, just what the doctor ordered for spring training.

On Friday we got down to Confluence to work on some swiftwater rescue techniques. Good to get some rope-throws in, as well as remember what it's like to be a swimmer and have a rope thrown to you well. Great feeling.

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