Gore Spring Training Continued

We got out for another weekend at Gore, adding another 100 cfs while we were at it (the past three weekends, the flows have been 380, 500, and 600, respectively).  The change was noticeable.  Everything was just a little pushier and more padded.  The weather didn't cooperate quite as much this time around, with rain/snow here and there, but a few peaks of sun evened things out a little.  Gore rapid was quite a bit pushier, and at 600 you're still committed to running the meat.  The seam I had subbed out in a couple of weeks ago was getting rowdier, but still flushed.  That's where I ended up again.  We probed most of the line options, and everything went fine; the secret turned out to be a very well-timed stroke in the first tongue of the rapid to keep you away from my seam.

The rest of the run went equally well, though I managed to get away with a couple of other marginal lines.  I went left a pyrite when I intended to go right, and I didn't get enough of a boof at tunnel and managed to flip in the aerated water below.  When I was setting up to roll, I kept expecting to feel the chaos of the curtain hitting me in the side, but it never came.  I rolled up with my bow against the big rock splitting the flow at the lip, and frantically back-paddled.  Ian joined the swim team.  Kirchbaum's was a blast, more water made it more fun, and I finally ran it without trying to pin myself midway through.


Another Gore Weekend

We got up to gore canyon again this past weekend.  I ran it both Saturday and Sunday, at about 500 cfs both days.  The lines were all about the same as at 400 cfs; the main difference was that gore rapid was a little pushier, and that Kirchbaum's was quite a bit pushier and busier.  

We had somewhat rainy weather that cleared up as we got on the water on Saturday.  Everyone had somewhat junky lines at gore.  Kevin started things off, getting a good boof over the ledge that creates Ginger, but landing somewhat on his edge and flipping in front of Gilligan's Island.  John went next, floating into the first seam and getting flipped, then basically floating through the rest of the rapid.  I was pulled faster than I expected toward the river-right seam, which stern-squirted me but left me upright.  Preston had a good boof but a bad landing, and was shoved hard into a rock (probably indecision, but I was downstream at the time).  Kevin hiked back up and ran the rapid again, finally running it cleanly.

Our lines were fine on the rest of the river; Tunnel at 500 cfs is a lot of fun, with a big boof over a 10 foot or so falls (though john proved that you could plug the falls and still be all right).  

We camped at pumphouse overnight (beef tenderloin for dinner = great camp food).  The next morning dawned foggy, but the fog quickly burned off into a beautiful day.  Preston opted not to run on Sunday, feeling somewhat disoriented after the shot to the head the day before.  Apparently he started feeling really out of it on the drive home, and a trip to the doctor confirmed that he had a concussion.  

We had a big group on the water on Sunday; 9 boaters in all.  I stuck my line at gore, and finally ran Scissors without getting flipped, which was a good feeling.  Anna had a really junky line in tunnel, ending up exactly where you didn't want to be, but things turned out fine (after a few moments of horror).  We had one swimmer for the day, not too bad considering the odds.  

Gore trip gone wrong


Early Season Gore

We got out to Gore this weekend, and didn't even crash any vehicles! Flows were pretty low, around 380, but the flat water paddle into the canyon wasn't too terrible; we were only hung up a couple of times. The drops in the canyon itself were all really creeky. It was interesting, you could see where all of the gradient comes from when things are running at regular flows. The line at Gore was over a tongue, with a nice 4-5 ft boof onto a boil line. One of our group was pushed off line and subbed out into a seam, but resurfaced fine. I hit my line well on Gore, and then quit paying attention in Scissors. I was flipped by an entry tongue, tucked up, took a hit off of the bottom, and rolled up at the bottom of the drop. I smacked my thumb on a rock, but was otherwise fine.

Tunnel remained tricky, with a few laterals and holes guarding the approach to a deep 10 ft. falls. I misjudged the distance between the last hole and the lip of the drop, so I didn't get in as good of a stroke as I was hoping for. I hit the bottom boil/hole with a little too much angle and flipped, though when I rolled up I was clear of the falls. Kirchbaum's was full of eddy moves and little drops, just what the doctor ordered for spring training.

On Friday we got down to Confluence to work on some swiftwater rescue techniques. Good to get some rope-throws in, as well as remember what it's like to be a swimmer and have a rope thrown to you well. Great feeling.