Stepped things down a little bit this weekend. Yesterday I met up with a couple of guys from mountainbuzz and got on the Proving Grounds section of the North Saint Vrain. It was gorgeous, non-threatening class V-. I had a bit of an ugly line of the first major rapid and didn't make it to the section of it I wanted to (it was channelized, and I ended up in the right channel instead of the center one). The other drops went smootly. The canyon was really pretty; it was a nice break from paddling the blast rock of clear creek.

Speaking of blast rock, today we got on Lower Boulder Canyon, just above Boulder. We did the entire stretch, down from Blue Bridge. It was a fun run, and though Elephant Buttress was a lot of fun, it didn't really have any other "classic" rapids. Everything sort of blended together as the river kept cruising downhill. The playpark holes were surprisingly sticky, and at one point we saw three kids mucking about in a big, tow-behind-a-boat sort of an inner tube. I hung out to make sure they finally got themselves to shore, and managed to nose them into an eddy a bit. It was cold and hailing on us for a while, and I didn't want anybody to take a bad swim or go hypothermic. Though I liked the run, I'm not sure that I'll go out of my way for it all of that often; it seems like Black Rock or other front range runs give you more bang for your buck when it comes to class IV boating.

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