Headed down to Kentucky and Tennessee this past weekend with Jeff and Zach. Camped at the Rockcastle Friday night, and had a chilly night. In the morning we got in an early run (post-coffee, of course). It was pretty, with a fun class IV at the start, a bit of flat water, then some fun class III boogie. Then it was down to Tennessee for Clear Creek with some more HCC members. Clear Creek was pretty fun; slalom-style class III ish boulder gardens that allowed for a lot of different moves. Zach joined the swim team after he couldn’t get out of a hole on the Obed (which clear creek fed into), and we muscled through the flat water to the takeout. It was beautiful all day, 45 or 50 and bright blue skies.

We got a hotel room in Oenida and ate some tasty bbq, then dried out our gear and watched the snow start to fall. The next morning it was cold; we grabbed breakfast at the Huddle House (think Waffle House). In the parking lot, some lady was taking photos of the police cars parked outside, and the cops questioned us on whether we saw where her car went. Odd. We ran the Big South Fork of the Cumberland. It was really, really cold. The river was fine; a little underwhelming. Sharon joined Zach on the swim team roster; we were lucky she was wearing a dry suit. We were off the river early, and managed to get home at a somewhat reasonable hour, which was a nice change of pace. I think I’m starting to come down with a touch of a cold; cold weather camping probably didn’t help much. Anyway, it was a pretty good warm-up trip, but we hope to get on some steeper stuff soon.