Went out to surf 10 footers on Lake Michigan with Jeff and Zach. Caught some good ones, and was closed out by one wave that sent me deep; I heard my ears pop while I was still in my boat. The waves were pretty irregular, some dumping, some mushy, others were just strange and irregular. I was catching some good waves, though a few were closing out on me. I got onto one that ramped up huge. I couldn't get down the face of the wave fast enough, and it ended up carrying me up to the peak. "Oh fuck," I says to myself, and go over the falls hard. I was stretched out on my back deck, trying not to pitch-pole, but it was of no use. I landed on my face, and my cockpit rim was smashed into the small of my back. I rolled up in pain, and then had to get out of the way of the next wave that was right behind it.

I managed to surf into shore, wincing in pain. I pulled myself out of my boat and watched my buddies surf for a little longer. When they came in I was still in some pain, but it wasn't too bad. Got worse when I had to walk to the car and change out of my clothes. I hung out on the beach for a while while they surfed and the back felt all right, but when I had to get back to the car I was in a lot of pain. The ride back to South Bend put me in a lot of pain; I had to keep shifting my center of gravity which made it a ride full of pain.

The boys dropped me off at home, and I tried to self-medicate with a couch, beer, and alleve, but it wasn't enough. The spasams were still terrible, and A. took me to the doctor, and then to a hospital. After an X-Ray and a CT, we found out that I hadn't broken a vertebra, but a disk was slightly displaced, and I had heavy straining. Now I'm fairly doped up and putting in some heavy couch time. Might make the Russel Fork in a week and a half, but it's looking a little doubtful.