Got out to Gauley fest this weekend; probably the biggest paddling festival in the country. I'd say there were 1000+ people there, setup in a big tent city at what looked to be a county fairgrounds. We rolled in early friday morning, and ran the lower on Friday, which was a bit of a let-down. The friday release was a little lower than usual, and the river wasn't all that playful. We ran the upper on both Saturday and Sunday, which was a lot more fun, though I was wishing I had brought my creekboat instead of my playboat. There wasn't all that much play, and it would have been nice to be a little more comfortable. I almost didn't paddle on Sunday; after we had shuttle set one of my buddies realized that he had forgot his helmet in the car, which was now at the bottom of the run. I volunteered to be shuttle bunny, but we eventually tracked down another helmet. Pretty clean runs both days, and weather that looked like it was ordered from a catalog.

The rest of the festival was fun; lots of vendors selling gear I don't really need, and some good videos shown on big screens around the fields. Managed to get home around 1:30, after getting a ticket from one of South Bend's Finest.


Got out on Lake Michigan the other day for a little bit of surfing, and have been getting on the east race a couple times a week since I've been back in school. Starting to cool off; almost dry top weather now.