Had a good run on black rock on Wednesday; lots of water and a good crew.

Bridger and I ran Bailey on Friday and had some issues. It was just the two of us with pretty high flows and clear skies. Bridger had a roll on the second of five falls; he jacked his shoulder once but was otherwise ok. We had clean lines through most of the steeps, and then both walked Supermax.

Not too far after, I was slowed down by a hole and instead of being separated, we were just about on top of each other. On the next little drop, Bridger followed the current down a smooth line to the right, while I boofed a bit of a ledge hole into a boiling eddy. As it turned out, the eddy was much more boil than eddy. I started digging when I realized I was getting pulled back, and then I was in the pourover. I carped for air once, but didn't get much. As I tried to roll, I was spun around and thrown between the boil and the hole. I ended up swimming.

The swim sucked. It was fast-moving class IV, and nearly eddyless. My legs were smashed among rocks as I tried to swim for shore, then around bigger rocks that also tried to kick the crap out of me. Bridger jumped out of his boat and tried to get a rope to me, but I was well past him by the time he was in position. I finally drug myself out of the water about 300 yards downstream, in a significant amount of pain. Fortunately, my paddle floated leisurely by, and we were able to retrieve it before Bridger ran downstream after my boat, which was eventually recovered. The only thing missing was the bootie with the broken zipper that had been sucked off of my foot.

We reassembled ourselves and finished the run, walking the Deer Creek rapid, since I wasn't paddling very well (exhausted, hurt, a little shaken). The rest of the run finished out fine, though I've been limping around for the past couple of days. I might make it out to the Confluence to roll a bit, but I won't be creeking until my legs heal up.