Got out onto Alto-Alto with Bridger. We had good flows (900 or so), and had A. as our shuttle bunny, and even a sunny day. Unfortunately, the run itself didn't quite measure up to the rest of the circumstances. Billed as a great class IV run, it had a single class IV rapid, which boated pretty easily. It was a pretty run, and it was good to jump on a new river, but I wouldn't get in line to do it again.


Since we couldn't find a guide to take us on some of the local Vs, Bridger and I headed back to the Big Thompson, which was a blast. We both fired up Cannon Shot, and had a great run of the rest of the river. It was good to get some of my confidence back after stomping some of the lines, and it took all of four minutes to hitch a ride back to the top. We even found some orphaned gear; a paddle in an eddy and a boat pinned up against a logjam. We had some rescue practice with the boat, and managed to get both the boat and the paddle out of the river and into the car. It isn't very often that we come back with more gear than we left with. I put up a post on mountainbuzz and learned that 2 boats and paddles had been abandoned when a boater swam and dislocated his elbow, and his buddy ditched his boat to follow. The rightful owners are coming for the gear later this week. If they're nice, they'll bring scotch. Fun day altogether; it's hard to not have a good time in continuous class IV.

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