The runs last weekend were fun; Waterton and Foxton weren’t real intense, but offered some nice scenery and a chance to get my bearings again. Gilman Gorge was up in Vail, and was a lot of fun. Good, technical creekboating, without anything of huge consequence. Dowd Chute was just short and sweet.

I was able to get in my first after-work paddling run last night. I got out to the Black Rock section of Clear Creek and managed to catch up to another boater who was on his way to the put-in. He hadn’t done the run in 2 years since he had been recovering from a shoulder injury, and I had obviously never run it. We managed to take everything on without major incident though, and had a good evening of creekboating. I had considered trying to get back out there tonight, but it doesn’t look like there will be quite as many people out there, and I’d kind of like the level to come up a bit before I head out there again. I’ll likely get out there on Friday. Then it’s a long weekend, which will hopefully be full of boating.

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