Got in another after-work run of the Black Rock section of Clear Creek. It has more water, and was a lot more fun. Could even do with a bit more. Was out there with another new boating friend, and we both took a look at Rigor Mortis, the class V that ends the run. After a bit of consideration, we decided to run it. He ran first, and I set safety with a rope. We needed it. He folded into the very seam that we told each other you didn't want to go deep in, and he flipped into the big hole and swam. He got into an eddy quickly and safely, but his gear didn't. I chased his boat for over half a mile in all of my gear. I'm not much of a runner. His paddle eventually pinned vertically where he could get it, and I kept racing after his boat, which eventually pinned on a rock where I could get to it. I was exhausted. The rescue took way too much time, and I was eventually late for the dinner reservations A. and I had made. She took it well.


Headed out to Boulder to run the lower stretch of Boulder Creek. It didn't have close to enough water. Most of the run was sliding over rocks, aside from one channelized narrows section, which was a lot of fun. It was interesting to get on a run and paddle with new partners, but I won't be dropping everything to get out to the run again anytime soon, unless it's running with 4x the water.


Got out on Lower South Boulder with another new group, which I managed to be sort of the organizer for, even though I hadn't met any of them. Flows were good, and we had plenty of sun as we put on in the afternoon. We portaged the 3 big rapids, all except for Mariah, who ran Bridge Falls, a complicated, somewhat manky drop. She styled it, and showed up all of the boys. The bulk of the run was really fun, boat-scoutable class IV, my favorite style of boating. We also got to drop off a 30 foot dam drop, which gave everybody some major butterflies but boated easily. The crack in Craig's boat finally let go in the last mile or so, and he tried not to pull a Captain Nemo as we slid over the last few rocks to our take out.


Finally got out to Bailey, with another crew pulled together off of mountainbuzz. Put on under overcast skies onto a good level. Our whole crew walked the first of the Four Falls, which was a not-terrible line with terrible consequences. We styled the other 3 of the falls, and then Will managed to get flipped and snap his paddle on a rock in a class IV below the falls. He was ushered to shore quickly, and we had a pretty efficient boat rescue, and eventually boat and paddler were re-united, and the split was pulled out. We had smooth sailing down to Supermax, where we all portaged the first drop and I ran the second half, usually called Tampax. We were leap-frogging another group, and I didn't see anyone run the first, trickier part of Supermax. Then it was more fun, channelized class IV read-and-run until Deer Creek Rapid, where we scouted again and all generally had good lines through the pushy but fairly friendly rapid. Then it was just more class III surrounded by beautiful granite domes until things settled out to a few class II riffles to the takeout.

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