Got out for come TN creeking this weekend.

Drove south on Friday afternoon with Kev and Zach after we packed everything into my little Saturn (32 mpg with 3 boats on the roof!). We camped next to Baby Falls on the Tellico, and then got on the river bright and early on Saturday morning. The Tellico hosts a number of 5-6 ft ledges, some rocky boulder gardens, and Baby Falls, a 14 footer. The run is pretty short and entirely roadside, and we were able to get 2 runs in before lunch. Around noon we headed into town in the rain, grabbed some lunch, and checked levels of other area rivers. I wanted to run something new, but was outvoted, and we decided to give Kev and Zach some more creeking practice with 2 more laps on the Tellico.

After getting dinner with the whole HCC crowd, and after much debate, we decided to get on Daddy's Creek on Sunday. The drive from the put-in to the take-out that we had to use was about 50 minutes, so there was lots of talk as to how to keep the shuttle to a minimum. We decided to camp at the take-out, which meant driving around on TN backroads at 10pm, getting a bit lost, but eventually finding our campsite.

I woke up early the next morning and started kicking people out of their tents. There was more debate about shuttles as other boaters were a little slow getting up and even slower deciding what river they wanted to run. After racking boats, unracking and reshuffling boats, and re-racking boats, we finally had teams and shuttles worked out. Jordan, Kev, Zach and I headed to the Daddy's put-in and got on the water, 2' of it on the bridge gauge. After a few miles of riffles, we got some run-and-gun class IIIs, and then we got to the canyon. It was fun boating in big boulders; I'd peer over the top of the rapid, see an eddy, hit the eddy, and relay beta to the rest of the team before running the rest. Interesting rapids, but nothing too taxing. Kev and Zach both got stuck in a hole early on and played bumper boats for a while; Zach paddled out and Kev swam, but the rescue was easy. We picked our way through the canyon until we got to Rattlesnake, the main event, which we scouted and found a pretty easy line. We had a few more III+/IV- rapids after that, one which Kev ran semi-unintentionally after missing an eddy, but he ran it well.

We had a bit of a paddle-out to the alternate take-out, but the water was moving and the scenery was pretty. After a bit of a hike-out, we were back at the car and soon on our way back to Indiana.

Hopefully I'll have photos soon.

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