River List

Since I'm sitting about, thinking about paddling instead of reading, I thought I'd put up a lifetime rivers-run list. Here's what I can come up with:

~Eagle, AK
~Matanuska, AK
~Willow Creek, AK
~Upper and Lower St. Louis, MN
~Cascade, MN
~Baptism, MN
~Kettle, MN
~Beaver, MN
~Manitou, MN
~Mississippi (Sauk Rapids), MN
~Buckhannon, WV
~Tallulah, GA
~Mangaho, NZ
~Clear Creek, CO
~Oh Be Joyful, CO
~Slate, CO
~East, CO
~Henson Creek, CO
~Palmy Play Park, NZ
~Pohangina, NZ
~Karawaru, NZ
~Rangitiki, NZ
~Tongariro, NZ
Kaituna, NZ
~Lime Creek, CO
~ Uncompahgre, CO
~Cimmaron, CO
~Tawarau, NZ
~Mokau, NZ
~Peshtigo, WI
~Wolf, WI (Section IV)
~Green Narrows, NC
~Poplar, N.Shore, MN
~Upper and Lower Gauley, WV
~Vermillion River, MN
~Sturgeon Falls, Manitoba
~Arkansas River (Granite, Numbers, Royal Gorge, Salida), CO
~Cache LaPoudre (Spencer Heights, upper/lower Mishiwaka, rustic, narrows sections), CO
~Middle Fork of the Buckhannon, WV
~Tygart, WV
~Wausau WW Park, WI
~South Bend WW Park, IN
~Whitemud, Manitoba
~Tellico, TN
~Daddy's Creek, TN
~Upper Meadow, WV
~Middle Cranberry, WV
~Back Fork of the Elk, WV
~Falls, MI
~Upper Silver, MI
~Lower Silver, MI
~Bailey (S. Platte), CO
~Foxton (S. Platte), CO
~Waterton (S. Platte), CO
~Lower South Boulder Creek, CO
~Lower Boulder Creek, CO
~Big Thompson, CO
~Alto-Alto (Boulder Creek), CO
~Black Rock (Clear Creek), CO
~Daisy Creek, CO
~N. Chickamunga, TN
~Cain Creek, TN
~South Saint Vrain, CO
~Proving Grounds (NSV), CO
~Upper Yough, MD
~Top Yough, MD
~Lower Yough, PA
~Stony Creek, PA
~Guest, VA
~Crooked Fork, TN
~Island Creek, TN
~Castle Creek, CO
~Slaughterhouse (Roaring Fork), CO
~Gore Canyon, Colorado, CO
~Upper Animas, CO

I'll hopefully be able to get out on the water in the next couple of weeks. I started looking at some photos of Colorado kayaking, and I'm getting pumped to get the boat wet. Pray for rain in West Virginia.