Paddled the Big South Fork of the Cumberland this weekend with the HCC. It was a good trip, though the drive was tough; I rode with a couple from Indy and we didn't leave until midnight; rolled into Oneida at 6:30 or so in the morning.

The run was good; hopefully I'll have some photos up soon, but it was a river full of big (car-to-house-sized) boulders, real pretty. Lots of class III, with a few III+ drops. I would have liked something a little meatier, but I had a good time trying to take tough lines through the easier drops. We had planned to go to the National Paddling Film Festival, but getting 11 people down the river took a long time, and people were pokey once we got off, so we stayed in Oneida. In the morning I made some phone calls to check flows (thanks A.) but we were too far away from all of the rivers that were up. I felt refreshed though, after sleeping in the van for 10 hours (there was a nice bed setup) and we ended up running the BSF again. It warmed up some, and it was a nice run, but then it was followed by an 8 hour haul back home. It was a good weekend, but I don't think I'll be making the drive out there again for class III business unless there's some better play. We shot some video and such; hopefully it'll show up on youtube soon.


Bought a new creekboat today; a Dagger Nomad. I love the Phat (which is for sale now, by the way) but I can't completely trust the patched hull to hold up in Class IV-V water. I'm real excited for the new boat.

May be heading down to the National Paddling Film Festival in Lexington, KY, if I can snag a carpool. There would be boating too; I'll bring my camera if I can go.