Paddling Blog

The first day of ’07 kicked off with some paddling; D-Rad and Brian Z talked me into boating with a full kit of borrowed gear. I headed down to the Verm and was met with some odd stares at the parking lot; I showed up with a haircut and in my overcoat (Scottish Wool, $15 from Savers) and without a boat. “You don’t look like a paddler” they said. Fair enough. Eventually D and Brian showed with the gear, and I was somewhat decked out in a wetsuit and a semi-dry top. No helmet liner, and no neck gasket. It was not a good time to flip.

The Verm treated us well; the level was up a bit with the rain/slush and Railroad was nice and playful. Doughnut was even a little more dynamic than expected, and everyone seemed to have a good time. Though changing out of the wet gear was no fun (I envied the dry suit brigade) it was a good day of paddling, especially since the little canyon was gorgeous (heh, pun); no sun had hit the south side and all of the snow was still on the trees. Hopefully I’ll beg/borrow/steal some photos and get ‘em up.