Paddling at the East Race has been good; I've had a couple really good rides (I linked two loops; woot). I tweaked my left elbow last week but I paddled again today and it's healed up pretty well. The trailer is working really well; I bike down to the course every time I head down there.


The East Race: How I Learned To Stop Worrying About Law School and Love the V-Wave

I took my first tour of the East Race Whitewater Course in South Bend last Wednesday, and I loved it. I'll be headed back tomorrow. The course looks like a cement ditch, which I suppose it is, but the features, especially the V-Wave, are great, especially considering the lack of gradient. The main features have push and size that I didn't expect after paddling at Wausau, and it's amazing to have something like that 12 blocks or so from my house. I'll definately be becoming a regular in the very near future.