Went up to the St. Louis this weekend for what amounted to be the only water in the state. They released 350cfs and not the 600 that was expected due to the recent lack of rain, but it was still a good time. I got in a few runs on the Lower, including running Octopus (probably a IV at these flows) in my Kingpin. They were running slalom races on Sunday, which I didn’t compete in, but there was a big crowd around and lots of people to hang out with (and good food to mooch), so it was an enjoyable weekend only slightly hampered by some difficulties sleeping at night due to heat and mosquitoes.

I may have to try slalom paddling once I’m in South Bend; it looks like fun and a good way to become a better paddler.


Had another good trip, this time out to Jim's Falls and Wausau with D-Rad and K$. Jim's falls was pretty tame, but Wausau was a blast (threw some loops and wheels, woot), and the atmosphere at both events was a lot of fun. Hopefully pictures will be coming soon, when I get less lazy.