Had a good weekend on the Wolf and Peshtigo over labor day; the weather was in the 90s and we were able to man-boat (shirtless, rar) both Section IV of the Wolf and the Roaring Rapids section of the Peshtigo. Both were beautiful Class III rivers; nothing too terrible, but enjoyable for river play. We had to pay for Section IV as it was on the Menomine Indian Reservation, but it was probably worth it. We even roped some rafters out of the falls at the end of the run (we were doing laps on them at the time and a kid, maybe 9 or so, started to get recirced back into the falls. Dennis pulled him out and I roped out his would-be rescuers).

I hadn't done river runs in awhile; it's been mainly play or creeking for me lately, so it was a nice change, with some good river play features on the way, including a nice loop spot on the upper dells on the Wolf. I ran Horserace on the Pesh 3 times; the first 2 with enders and rolls near the bottom (once doing a crazy kickflip thing just over one rock that would have tried to crush in my skull). The 3rd time was a charm though.

All in all, a good weekend of solid warm weather boating. Hopefully there's more to come.