Had a pool night tonight; got some new people rolling and some newbies interested in paddling. My kingpin is pretty leaky though; hopefully I'll get things sealed up soon.

Since Hoffman and I are both storing our wet gear here, my room is starting to smell like wet neoprene and polypro. Oh, and I chipped my paddle yesterday. Boo.

Rain today, and I'm heading to Saulk Rapids tomorrow, then maybe the Kettle Sunday. I'd love to head to the UP for some creeking, but our road trip to Notre Dame on Sunday prevents me from doing so. Oh well.



Paddled Saulk Rapids today; the level wasn't great but it's on the rise. Hoffman came with, and he hit his first 2 combat rolls (which was a blessing, as it was pretty damn cold out). Tilt-a-whirl was starting to get fun (though still really shallow) and the main wave was a little too mushy yet to be good. There was a big spike this evening though, probably as a result of the runoff from the warm day, so hopefully it'll do nothing but improve.


I paddled the Vermillion yesterday with a handful of people (including Swails, who I just learned is back in frigid MN). The level was good(100 ish, but it's still rising) and both Railroad and Doughnut were a lot of fun. I probably playboated harder than I have in a long, long time, and the exhaustion at the end felt great, and cleared my head for the first time in a while. I reccomend paddling therapy to anyone.



Hit the Vermillion yesterday, as Midwest Mountaineering was hosting a whitewater demo. Hoffman came down with me and ran the river once; handled himself well and seemed to have a good time. Level was around 60cfs but fast-ish; doughnut was fun and I got some really fun rides in. It was also nice to see a lot of paddlers I hadn’t hung out with before, and see all the pretty new boats. Saulk is on the rise, so hopefully I’ll be able to get out there soon.



I hit Saulk Rapids the other day to check out what construction is doing to the run; they're putting in a new bridge just upstream of the existing one and moving quite a bit of rock around. Right now there's actually more debris in the water than before, so maybe once the water comes up we'll have good play both above and below the bridge. We'll see what happens.

I've also been in the pool quite a bit, working on flatwater moves and teaching half a dozen or people or so to roll. Things are going well, and we should have a few new paddlers once things start to warm up.