Had a good run on the Mangaho river last weekend, the river that's eventually diverted into our slalom/play course after the power company is over with it. We had a little excitement on the way in; the roads are narrow hydro accesses which are pretty narrow and windy. When we came around one curve two other cars of paddlers were coming in the other direction. Hayden slammed on his breaks and slid partially off the road. Here's the positioning:

We managed to tow it out and it wasn't damaged, so it wasn't all bad.

After a few warm-ups we got to the crux rapid, this big pushy thing. I was getting used to a lot of new gear, as I was in a borrowed boat, and I had my paddle fixed (yay!) with a new paddle offset and length. I got pushed into one big hole on this rapid and went under/through the hole, but was flipped when resurfacing. When I rolled back up my knee slipped out of my thighbrace and punched out my skirt. I finished the roll though, and finished the rest of the rapid upright, though with a popped skirt.

The rest of the rapids were really fun boulder gardens in a gorgeous canyon. We had a good crew; quite a few people were on the river but the crowds broke up after running the crux. There were a couple swims, but generally things went smoothly. Great rapids further down, really fun slalom-style rock and hole dodging. Unfortunately, there was a big flatwater section at the end of the run, though since it was a relatively high-volume release we had enough water to float the rest of the way to the cars (and their heaters).

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