New Boat

My orange Kingpin is now happily on it's way to Minnesota, so I'll have a playboat when Saulk Rapids ices out this spring. I managed to get it to my door for $450, so it'll be basically an even trade when I sell the Super Rad in New Zealand.

Oh, and I've been out to Mangaho again; christ, loops are really fun.



Yesterday I ran the hardest river I've ever attempted.

I piled into Damian's van with Damo, Aaron, and Mike Dawson. We headed up to the Pohangina, winding up a long road and gaining altitude fast. Once we got permission to get to the put-in and found the track, we asked Damian what the hike to the put-in was like.
"Oh, it's just up a hill at the start, across a long flat bit, and then one hill at the end. It's got a nice grass track too."

He lied.

The track was a bit of a death march, the beginning section steep and covered with mud, and the second section steep and narrow, with low trees and steep slopes. Damian damn near sprinted the whole thing, leaving the three of us huffing and puffing behind. At one point a slip had occured, wiping out the trail and forcing us to rope our boats around it. Finally, we made it to the river.

I was in Damian's Topolino, which I'd never paddled before. We warmed up for maybe a hundred meters until we had to get out and scout. We had a technical Grade V over a few other drops; everyone walked the top bit and Aaron and I walked the bottom. Not fifty meters later we scouted the gorge, a big triple drop hemmed in by rock walls. The top and bottom drop looked pretty flushy, but the middle hole was a huge, stomping monster. Portaging wasn't an option; it was either run the drop or seal-launch into the eddy next to the monster hole and wait for everyone else to run the drop. I wasn't too keen on dropping in between the undercut wall and the big hole, so I opted to run it. I knew the drop was within my ability, but I could only think of all the bad things that could happen if I botched the line. I was really goddamned scared. After summoning up some confidence, I dropped into the water and ferried out into the current.

The first drop was sweet, but I was pushed too far right and ended up backwards in a micro-eddy just above the monster hole. shit. I pulled out into the current and spun around, paddling hard. I dropped into the hole and pulled myself out, then flew through the rest of the drop. Woot! A few more boulder gardens lead to a fun drop, 12 feet or so. It was sweet, as was the fast slide afterwards. The rest of the river was full of fun, technical boulder gardens and excellent lines. When we got to the track leading back to the van we had Damian scurry back to the van as we towed his boat down the rest of the Grade II riffles to the bridge.

Me on the big, steep slide. Fun stuff.



Went out to Mangaho again today and stuck my first loop ever! Woohoo! After a couple more attempts I even hit a second one. (for those who didn't know, a loop is basically a forward sumersault in a kayak). I've been working on 'em for awhile, and this is the first time it's worked. Yay!

Cartwheels are coming along pretty well too; I'm linking up 4 ends on occasion, which feels cool.

Playboating is fun.



Had a gutting day yesterday. It poured rain all day in Palmy, so a bunch of us got ready to run a great creek right outside of town. It was running at the take-out, so we drove up this long windey road to get to the put-in, only to find that there was no water up at the top. Turned out almost all of the rain dumped in the valley, and the rain that did fall up high missed us by an hour or two. Sad.



Had a good run on the Mangaho river last weekend, the river that's eventually diverted into our slalom/play course after the power company is over with it. We had a little excitement on the way in; the roads are narrow hydro accesses which are pretty narrow and windy. When we came around one curve two other cars of paddlers were coming in the other direction. Hayden slammed on his breaks and slid partially off the road. Here's the positioning:

We managed to tow it out and it wasn't damaged, so it wasn't all bad.

After a few warm-ups we got to the crux rapid, this big pushy thing. I was getting used to a lot of new gear, as I was in a borrowed boat, and I had my paddle fixed (yay!) with a new paddle offset and length. I got pushed into one big hole on this rapid and went under/through the hole, but was flipped when resurfacing. When I rolled back up my knee slipped out of my thighbrace and punched out my skirt. I finished the roll though, and finished the rest of the rapid upright, though with a popped skirt.

The rest of the rapids were really fun boulder gardens in a gorgeous canyon. We had a good crew; quite a few people were on the river but the crowds broke up after running the crux. There were a couple swims, but generally things went smoothly. Great rapids further down, really fun slalom-style rock and hole dodging. Unfortunately, there was a big flatwater section at the end of the run, though since it was a relatively high-volume release we had enough water to float the rest of the way to the cars (and their heaters).