Lately I've been heading out to the Mohagano Enviornmental Whitewater Park in Shannon, which is about 20 minutes away from my university. It's the first artificial course in NZ, and arguabally the best. It has a full-length, olympic length slalom course and a number of good play holes including one feature rodeo-quality hole. I don't have any photos of me yet (they should be coming soon) but here are a couple pictures of Damian, one of the locals I've befriended, in the main hole. It's got plenty of push and speed.

As for my own playboating, I've been cartwheeling and getting 2 ends pretty consistantly, but I'm having trouble with the 3rd. The other day I almost stuck a back loop in the feature hole, which was pretty fun. Hopefully things will keep improving.

This weekend it's off on a trip to a couple rivers on the west coast of the north island; should be a good time.

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